The world’s favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May.
—Edwin Way Teale

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love that day when you walk outside and you realize just how green and fresh everything looks. It feels like a fresh start, and as the quote says, that “all things seem possible.”

Last week was the Goodwill Annual Awards Ceremony. Another favorite of mine. At this event we have the opportunity to publicly recognize and thank those people who have supported Goodwill.  We also recognize individuals who have overcome so much, participated in Goodwill programs, and are now on paths to brighter futures. Some of the moments were captured in the photos from the event that you can find on Facebook.

In the weeks leading up to the event, our marketing team worked to prepare for the evening, including putting together the video that was shown:

While putting together the video there were quite a few tears. (Not a surprise for those who know me.  I’m often referred to as the “Goodwill Crier” because I am horrible at hiding my emotions!)  As we pieced together the different videos and paired them with the statements that are seen in the video, it was a powerful and moving experience for me.

“Goodwill helps people realize their dreams.” 

This particular statement is one that I wish everyone could hear and truly understand.

This week our marketing team has been working with quite a few of our program teams on different things.  When I think about the opportunities these programs provide for individuals to change the path they are on, to gain experience needed to have a career and not just a job, and to truly give the chance for a brighter future, I want everyone to know.

  • Careers in Technology – Did you know that Goodwill offers training to help individuals receive the credentials they need to embark on a career in the technology field?  This is such an incredible opportunity for young adults to receive free training that will set them on a path to a financially secure future for themselves and their family.  Right now we are recruiting in Lynchburg and Harrisonburg for new classes that will start soon.
  • GoodCare is healthcare training for individuals who are receiving TANF or have a low income.  Imagine having the opportunity to take classes and earn healthcare credentials that will move you from dependency to self-sufficiency.  With hard work and the help of the GoodCare program it is happening.
  • Summer Youth Work Program – Goodwill is going to work with 100 kids in Roanoke City this summer and help them to gain work experience and job readiness skills so they can gain a foundation and work ethic to be proud of. Local businesses will have summer employees that want to learn and earn. What a great opportunity for both youth and area businesses to work together to ensure a brighter future for our community through an investment in our young people.
  • Science Camp – I left this one for last because of the impact this camp had on me last year.  To watch the 5th through 7th graders have the experience they did with science was incredible.  I said several times to people that I wish I had been able to have an opportunity to attend something like that when I was younger.  It was fun, relevant, and inspired the kids to be involved, ask questions, and want to learn. How exciting is that?

I could go on and on. There are so many different programs that provide so much opportunity for those individuals who want to truly change their lives.

So as you go through your day to day routine, look around you and open your eyes to those who may be struggling. Give them the gift of hope; let them know how Goodwill may be able to help them realize their dreams.  Allow them to realize that all things are possible in May.



A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Living in southwest Virginia one of the traditions that many of us look forward to during the holiday season is visiting the Hotel Roanoke to look at the Christmas Trees.  The Fashions for Evergreens event benefits the United Way of Roanoke Valley when you vote for your favorite tree.

Last week, I went with my family.  Inside we saw the magical world of Nemo and Dori as well as a tree with a train made out of cases of Coke.  These were a couple of our favorites. But then we ventured into the Courtyard and I found my favorite tree.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree presented by MW Construction.
The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree presented by MW Construction.

I was reminded not only of A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is my FAVORITE Christmas special each year, but also of a blog post that Goodwill did in December of 2011.  In the post, it likened Charlie Brown’s tree to the individuals served by Goodwill:

Everyone made fun of the tree that Charlie Brown chose.  Why?  It was different.  It didn’t fit the “mold” of the traditional tree.  But in the end, with a little love and care, the tree was as good or better than many of the others they could have chosen.  It always had the potential, it just needed a little help to become great.


Charlie Brown’s tree is not so different from those that we serve at Goodwill.  They too have potential.  They may have barriers, including disabilities, disadvantages, or many have lost their job due to company closing or layoff, but they have the ability to work, earn a paycheck, and contribute to their community.  Goodwill simply provides the training and employment assistance they need to get back to work.  Just like the tree, it is simply a hand up, not a hand out that helps our participants live up to their true potential.

So this holiday season, and in the year to come, remember to look beyond the surface.  Look for the potential that is within each of us.  Help someone achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.  Goodwill looks forward to assisting more people in 2012 with employment barriers and we thank you for your support of our mission each and every day.

It’s hard to believe that we wrote that original post five years ago.  Goodwill has helped thousands of individuals since then who have needed the hand up, not a hand out to gain greater independence, advance their skills to find a better job, and to find employment.

So, I’ll end this post, as we did five years ago . . . Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and “On Earth, peace, Goodwill toward men.”

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!


Being Thankful

This week we spent some time asking fellow employees what they were thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Many were thankful for family, friends, their job.  But one response really spoke to me and the work that we do each and every day at Goodwill . . .

“I’m thankful for Goodwill giving me a second chance.”

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the Goodwill team for over 11 years now.  I’ve met so many people who have changed their lives through hard work, determination, and the support of both Goodwill programs and our staff.  Our Goodwill staff provides not only their support, expertise, and guidance but also their love and compassion.  It is truly more than a job for them. . . it is a calling.

A couple of months ago we filmed Hank’s story.  When we do these types of videos we sit with those being interviewed and ask questions just to get them talking.  Fanee, who works with individuals that we serve who receive Medicaid Waiver funding, was scheduled to be interviewed as part of Hank’s video.  Her role was to explain the program and to tell us a little about working with Hank.  We were all inspired by what happened next . . .

So as Thanksgiving approaches I am thankful for my loved ones, but I’m also grateful for everyone that comes to work each day at Goodwill, just like I do.   Together we provide individuals the second chances they deserve.  We help people achieve the pride, dignity, and self respect that comes from earning a paycheck or simply by treating others as they wish to be treated so they can achieve their greatest independence.

From our Goodwill family to yours . . . Happy Thanksgiving.


Halloween’s Gone to the Dogs!

Halloween was so much fun when my son was younger. We would spend weeks leading up to the big day planning his costume.  There were dinosaurs, ninjas, race car drivers and more over the years.  But suddenly the fun stopped.  He was too old and too cool for Halloween.  I was devastated.  I looked at all the little ghouls and goblins that would come to the door on Halloween, envious of their parents who could still take part in the excitement of finding the perfect Halloween costume.  Little did I know that my days of dressing my baby weren’t over!

Today, I am looking forward to dressing my four legged baby again for Halloween!  Bentley is my 3 year old Brussels Griffon/Pug mix that entered my life when I rescued him from the Roanoke Valley SPCA.  Many may say he has a face only a mother could love, but I disagree! I think he is the cutest ever; especially when he is dressed for Halloween!

Last year, the Marketing team here at Goodwill had planned to appear on both WFXR and WDBJ7 to showcase how easy it is to find a unique costume at Goodwill. Both were VERY early morning appearances.  We decided that including Bentley would make it more fun and interesting for everyone.  I was SO excited!  I was going to get to dress my baby again for Halloween!

We combed our Pinterest page for the perfect costumes.  Quickly we realized that Bentley had to be an Ewok.  After all he looks just like one AND Star Wars: The Force Awakens was all the buzz last year.  We got a brown t-shirt from the $1 bin and a brown shoelace and his costume was complete.  He made his first appearance on WFXR and was immediately a star (in my eyes at least!).  Click here to see the video of Bentley’s Ewok debut!


For the appearance on WDBJ7 we decided to dress Bentley as a little old man.


We found a toddler shirt ($2.00) and a youth tie ($1) to create Bentley’s little old man costume.  All we did was cut the collar from the shirt and shorten the tie and Bentley’s little old man costume was done.  Unfortunately, this video clip is no longer online but trust me…Bentley was a star!

As you could see from the video clip from WFXR, it’s easy to dress yourself for Halloween at Goodwill too.  And remember we have our Costume Contest going on throughout the month of October for your chance to win an iPad Mini.  You can find more information on our website by clicking here.

I have to admit that I actually like Bentley’s little old man costume the best.  I think it fits him and his personality.  What do you think?  And we are currently brainstorming ideas for his costume this year.  Let us know if you have any thoughts!



Kids these days . . .

When I think back to those first days of school, many years ago now, I remember worrying about what to wear and who would be in my class.  Would I know anyone, were would I sit if I didn’t?  What would people say if they didn’t like my outfit?

When my son started school, I remember those first few days were always nerve-racking for him too.  But for him the worries were different … He worried that his teacher wouldn’t be nice or that the upcoming year was going to be “so hard” he wouldn’t do well.

Kids these days are different than we were.  They are much more aware of what is happening in our society and in their family.  Many know when the family is struggling to make ends meet.  They see the unrest in our society.  They know the stories of mass shootings and political unrest.  They grow up wanting to make a difference and change the circumstances around them.


They are:

  • Environmental Champions:  Kids today have grown up with Global Warming.  Recycling is not a new concept, and it seems by the time they reach school age they could teach adults a thing or two about being good to the environment.
  • Social Revolutionaries: Kids these days understand the challenges that others are facing.  It’s all over the news.  They want to make a difference in the world and in their own backyards.
  • Fashion Pioneers:  Kids today aren’t afraid to make a fashion statement.  They love a deal and the idea of being unique even more.

At Goodwill we thank the kids these days for their passion to be social and environmental champions.  By choosing to shop Goodwill for Back-to-School they are helping people in our community get back to work and gain greater independence, because Goodwill stores support job training and employment programs.  They are also able to define their own unique style and not overwhelm the family budget.

Kids these days are pretty cool.