The world’s favorite season is the spring.  All things seem possible in May.
—Edwin Way Teale

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love that day when you walk outside and you realize just how green and fresh everything looks. It feels like a fresh start, and as the quote says, that “all things seem possible.”

Last week was the Goodwill Annual Awards Ceremony. Another favorite of mine. At this event we have the opportunity to publicly recognize and thank those people who have supported Goodwill.  We also recognize individuals who have overcome so much, participated in Goodwill programs, and are now on paths to brighter futures. Some of the moments were captured in the photos from the event that you can find on Facebook.

In the weeks leading up to the event, our marketing team worked to prepare for the evening, including putting together the video that was shown:

While putting together the video there were quite a few tears. (Not a surprise for those who know me.  I’m often referred to as the “Goodwill Crier” because I am horrible at hiding my emotions!)  As we pieced together the different videos and paired them with the statements that are seen in the video, it was a powerful and moving experience for me.

“Goodwill helps people realize their dreams.” 

This particular statement is one that I wish everyone could hear and truly understand.

This week our marketing team has been working with quite a few of our program teams on different things.  When I think about the opportunities these programs provide for individuals to change the path they are on, to gain experience needed to have a career and not just a job, and to truly give the chance for a brighter future, I want everyone to know.

  • Careers in Technology – Did you know that Goodwill offers training to help individuals receive the credentials they need to embark on a career in the technology field?  This is such an incredible opportunity for young adults to receive free training that will set them on a path to a financially secure future for themselves and their family.  Right now we are recruiting in Lynchburg and Harrisonburg for new classes that will start soon.
  • GoodCare is healthcare training for individuals who are receiving TANF or have a low income.  Imagine having the opportunity to take classes and earn healthcare credentials that will move you from dependency to self-sufficiency.  With hard work and the help of the GoodCare program it is happening.
  • Summer Youth Work Program – Goodwill is going to work with 100 kids in Roanoke City this summer and help them to gain work experience and job readiness skills so they can gain a foundation and work ethic to be proud of. Local businesses will have summer employees that want to learn and earn. What a great opportunity for both youth and area businesses to work together to ensure a brighter future for our community through an investment in our young people.
  • Science Camp – I left this one for last because of the impact this camp had on me last year.  To watch the 5th through 7th graders have the experience they did with science was incredible.  I said several times to people that I wish I had been able to have an opportunity to attend something like that when I was younger.  It was fun, relevant, and inspired the kids to be involved, ask questions, and want to learn. How exciting is that?

I could go on and on. There are so many different programs that provide so much opportunity for those individuals who want to truly change their lives.

So as you go through your day to day routine, look around you and open your eyes to those who may be struggling. Give them the gift of hope; let them know how Goodwill may be able to help them realize their dreams.  Allow them to realize that all things are possible in May.


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