Kids these days . . .

When I think back to those first days of school, many years ago now, I remember worrying about what to wear and who would be in my class.  Would I know anyone, were would I sit if I didn’t?  What would people say if they didn’t like my outfit?

When my son started school, I remember those first few days were always nerve-racking for him too.  But for him the worries were different … He worried that his teacher wouldn’t be nice or that the upcoming year was going to be “so hard” he wouldn’t do well.

Kids these days are different than we were.  They are much more aware of what is happening in our society and in their family.  Many know when the family is struggling to make ends meet.  They see the unrest in our society.  They know the stories of mass shootings and political unrest.  They grow up wanting to make a difference and change the circumstances around them.


They are:

  • Environmental Champions:  Kids today have grown up with Global Warming.  Recycling is not a new concept, and it seems by the time they reach school age they could teach adults a thing or two about being good to the environment.
  • Social Revolutionaries: Kids these days understand the challenges that others are facing.  It’s all over the news.  They want to make a difference in the world and in their own backyards.
  • Fashion Pioneers:  Kids today aren’t afraid to make a fashion statement.  They love a deal and the idea of being unique even more.

At Goodwill we thank the kids these days for their passion to be social and environmental champions.  By choosing to shop Goodwill for Back-to-School they are helping people in our community get back to work and gain greater independence, because Goodwill stores support job training and employment programs.  They are also able to define their own unique style and not overwhelm the family budget.

Kids these days are pretty cool.





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