The Strength of a Compassionate Community

Last week was a difficult week for the Roanoke community. The murder of two bright and talented, young journalism professionals, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, knocked us to our knees. It was devastating for their families, loved ones, and WDBJ7 colleagues as well as to those throughout the region who welcomed them into their homes daily via newscast.

With hearts broken, we’ve witnessed the WDBJ7 staff fight through shock and tears to do their jobs and we are inspired by their courage.

 The showing of sympathy and support from our community’s residents is a reminder of why we are proud to call the Roanoke Valley home.

As employees of Goodwill, we are fortunate to continually witness the generosity of those who live not just in the Roanoke Valley, but in the New River, and Shenandoah Valleys as well. It is because those in our communities care so deeply about others that Goodwill is able to offer a helping hand to so many.

It is obvious to everyone that knew Alison and Adam that they were proud of their community. The outpouring of compassion in the wake of their deaths is evidence their pride was not misplaced.

 May we honor them with grace and kindness toward one another today and every day.

Alison Parket and Adam Ward
Alison and Adam dressed up for Goodwill’s 2014 Halloween costume feature
Adam Ward and Melissa Gaona
Adam with Melissa Gaona in costume for Goodwill’s 2013 Halloween promotion
Alison Parker and Chelsea Hartberger
Alison fixes Goodwill Marketing Assistant Chelsea Hartberger’s hair for the 2014 Halloween costume segment

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