Vote for the Winners of Goodwill’s 2014 Halloween Costume Contest!

To all the pirates, zombies, and other creative costume artists out there: You are fabulous!   Today’s Good News: We’ve received over 30 entries that showed your creativity, individuality, and “thriftiness”. It was really tough narrowing it down to the final three. Visit our Facebook Page to see all submissions.

This morning the top three contest entries were chosen by a panel of Goodwill employees.  It was a hard choice, but so much fun!  The top three costumes are:

“The Flintstones” – submitted by Andrea S., Natural Bridge, VA

Flintstones - Andrea S.Greetings from Fred, Wilma, and BamBam! These outfits were created from Goodwill Stores all over the Shenandoah Valley! Fred’s costume was constructed from a fleece blanket that was orange on one side and black on the other. The blue tie is cut from a pair of blue scrubs. Wilma’s dress was altered and cut to create the classic Wilma dress. Styrofoam balls, elastic, and paint created the necklace. BamBam is sporting a precious mini cap and sash made from orange fleece pants out of the children’s section. His hair is made of white fleece. Bone accessories were made with papermache and BamBam’s club was made out of a brown suede women’s shirt. All costumes were constructed using a glue gun, iron on hem, and a sewing machine.

“Tusken Raider from Star Wars” – submitted by Cory G., Ferrum, VA

Tusken Raider - Cory G.

Cory created this costume with items found at Goodwill and miscellaneous supply (glue/thread/etc) from home. The inner and outer cloak was made from curtains and a bathrobe. The leather components (mouthpiece and belts) were made out of a jacket, and belts covered in the material from the jacket. The eyes are plastic cups and the tusks sticking out of the top of the helmet are sharpie pens and the helmet itself is made out of a pair of white jeans.

“Soft Served Ice Cream Cone” – submitted by Julie C., Cloverdale, VA

Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone - JulieJulie made this costume from a number of items from Goodwill and the Goodwill Outlet. The base is a laundry basket covered in a waffle type material robe. They used a foam noodle to help add shape to the base of the ice cream. The ice cream was made from sheets stuffed with filling from a couple of pillows. The cherry hat was actually a red Christmas Ornament that was cut and had a strap added. The sprinkles came from a box of foam geometric shapes also bought at Goodwill.

It’s time to vote for your favorite!

Vote here for the costume that you think should be the winner of our Costume Contest!

1st prize: Apple iPad mini
2nd prize: $50 Goodwill Gift Certificate
3rd prize: $25 Goodwill Gift Certificate

Click here to view more information about our Costume Contest and the Terms & Conditions.

Voting will end this Friday, October 31st at Noon.  Be sure to tell your friends and family to vote!


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