Vote for the Winners of Goodwill’s Halloween Costume Contest!

To all the witches, zombies, and other costume artists out there: You are fabulous!   Today’s Good News: We’ve received over 50 entries that showed your creativity, individuality, and “thriftiness”.  Visit our Facebook Page to see all submissions.

This morning the top three contest entries were chosen by a panel of Goodwill employees.  It was a hard choice, but so much fun!  The top three costumes are:

“Headless Marie Antoinette” – submitted by Misty Valkner, Staunton, VA

Headless Marie Antoinette by Misty Valkner1The wedding dress and white boots were found at Goodwill. The costume also includes a backpack, styrofoam, fake arms, wooden poles, wig, make-up, and blood. The styrofoam was shaped in the form of shoulders, one end of the poles were inserted into the styrofoam shoulders and the other end into the backpack which I wore under the dress. I placed the dress over the shoulders and cut a whole in the body of the dress so I could put my head through. Finished it off with a wig and some blood and make-up.

“Two-Face” – submitted by Amy Kidd, Charlottesville, VA

Two-Face by Amy Kidd

Amy purchased her sons suit, button down shirts and ties from Goodwill in Charlottesville. Half of the suit is duck taped and the shirts and ties were cut in half and sewn together.

“Beetlejuice” – submitted by Amanda Nichols, Rocky Mount VA

Beeetle Juice by Amanda NicholsEverything was purchased from their local Goodwill in Rocky Mount. They took plain black suit and painted it with white stripes. They purchased a long sleeve mens dress shirt and black tie. They placed stuffing from a pillow in the stomach area. Wearing the costume is Sarah Williams.

It’s time to vote for your favorite!

Vote here for the costume that you think should be the winner of our Costume Contest!

1st prize: Kindle Fire HD
2nd prize: $50 Goodwill Gift Certificate
3rd prize: $25 Goodwill Gift Certificate

Click here to view more information about our Costume Contest and the Terms & Conditions.

Voting will end this Thursday, October 31st at Noon.  Be sure to tell your friends and family to vote!


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