Vote for the Winners of Goodwill’s SECOND RUNWAY Design Contest!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who voted. The winner of Goodwill’s SECOND RUNWAY Design Contest is: Carrie Saunders Weekend Segment.

See Carrie’s outfit on the runway, August 8th at the Jefferson Center. Purchase your tickets today for SECOND RUNWAY. Click here to get your tickets!


To all our fashion designers out there: You are fabulous!   Today’s Good News: We’ve received many entries that showed that by reusing and repurposing items and materials found at Goodwill stores, you can create a modern, chic, and one of a kind outfit. This morning, a panel determined the top three outfits and here they are:

Evening Out/Cocktail Segment – submitted by Chassidy Hicks, Forest, VA


In creating the outfit Chassidy used another dress that fitted her, and laid it against the purple dress. She was able to trim away the extra fabric taking the XL dress down to a small. From there, she cut the sleeve length down to cap sleeves. She used the dress form to drape the butterfly chiffon fabric. Once she draped the fabric she hand stitched around the waist to keep the pleats in place. Once she finished that, she was able to attach the butterfly fabric to the top of the purple dress (now bodice). She hemmed the skirt by simply serging the edges with a sewing machine to prevent fraying. After the dress was complete, she hand stitched the gold sequence.

Weekend Segment – submitted by Carrie Saunders, Roanoke, VA)


Carrie used a too large skirt, too large slip and a table runner all purchased at our Goodwill store on Brambleton. She removed the drawstring to create the halter strap & took it in at the back seam to fit as a baby doll style top. She also took in the slip a few inches to fit across the bust. This serves as a lace peek-a-boo & gives the top a more modest length. She then attached 4 pyramid studs to the ends of the table runner that serves as the belt for added embellishment. Finally, she attached 3 buttons to the front band by hand sewing.

Work Segment  – submitted by Carrie Perry, Bedford, VA

Carrie P

Carrie purchased her outfit from local Goodwill stores. Her outfit includes name brands such as J. Crew, Givenchy and Isaac Mizrahi. The large pieces were purchased first: the pants and the jacket were bought within a few days of each other.  The white shirt was purchased about two months prior.  The accessories she had collected over the past year, and using the chain, the scarf and the costume earrings, she made a one of a kind necklace.  The gold stretchy belt made a great coiled bracelet.  The classy sunglasses and large satchel-like purse completed the professional feel of this outfit.  The large purse is perfect for her iPad or even her laptop.

Do you have a favorite?

Vote here for the outfit that you think should be the winner of our SECOND RUNWAY Design Contest!

The winner will model their outfit in our 4th annual SECOND RUNWAY fashion show on August 8th at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke

Click here to view more information about our Costume Contest and the Terms & Conditions.


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