Guest Blogger: Sprucing Up Your Wardrobe

Today’s Good News, starts with the introduction of our first Guest Blogger!  Abbey is a local teenager who is in love with anything fashion. Hoping to work in the clothing industry someday, one of her favorite places to shop is Goodwill!

Do you feel like your wardrobe could use some “spring cleaning”? Do you see all the bright colors and fads in the store but don’t know where to begin? Well today’s Good News is that’s what this post is all about…sprucing up your closet! And believe me, it is VERY exciting!

All though there are TONS of ways to put some life back into your closet after months of winter, we’re going to focus on only one way today…color.  This amazing little word comes in hundreds of different hues, tints, values, washes, and shades.  Again, we’re only going to focus on one today…the color yellow.

This color is beautiful and summery.  Although some may be afraid to wear it because of its intensity, there are many ways to make this happy color work with your wardrobe.  It works great with dark and light colors (very versatile), and you can’t help being in a good mood when you’re wearing it.  Here are a few outfits I put together to help you get some new, fresh ideas!

Note: All of the pieces in these outfits that are yellow were purchased at Goodwill!

Outfit #1

Tip #1—Pairing with Darks

This is a great shirt to start with because, as you can see, it can easily pair with dark colors which you might have left over from winter.  The light weight cotton of the yellow shirt, I got from Goodwill, brings in the desired bright color and the dark blue and black give us a striking contrast.

The long necklace ties in all the colors with the rainbow, zebra print and the t-strap sandals create balance when paired with the Bermuda shorts. Voila!

Outfit #2

Tip #2—Pairing with Brights

The key with this look is just a peek of yellow coming out from under the brightly colored tank-top.  This still gives you that hint of sunshine without completely overpowering the hot pink.  Also, the long, dangling earrings create length and throws in an extra pop of color. This look is extremely easy and comfortable and perfect for the up-coming summer season!

Outfit #3

Tip #3—Pairing with Lights

Talk about happy! This outfit is fun and bright and is great for when you want to be comfortable in a skirt. Since maxi skirts are in fashion this season, it pairs well with the preppy styling of the jacket. The yellow is really enhanced by all the white and it’s the first thing you notice. Also, the jacket, that I picked up at Goodwill, can be matched with virtually any shorts or pants you might have for spring or summer.  It’s a great investment for only 3.50!

So there you go, a simple and affordable way to change up your outfits for the spring and summer seasons! Be creative and have fun!  ~ Abbey


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