The Goodwill 10-Piece Wardrobe

How many of you resolved to lose weight in 2012?  There are some of us here at Goodwill on that same journey.  So it got us to thinking, because we know money is tight for everyone, that we should find a way to create a wardrobe using just a few items.  That way we can look and feel great throughout our weight loss journey!  The Good News?  We believe we were very successful!

Introducing the Goodwill 10-Piece Wardrobe

So we reached out to our friend and image consultant, Kathy Lamanca, with Highway2Style.  Kathy helped us formulate our plan and off shopping we went.

The idea behind the Goodwill 10-Piece Wardrobe is mixing and matching.  All of your items match your other items.  Your Goodwill shopping list is:

  • 4 Bottoms:  We suggest you start by shopping for your pants/skirts.  For our wardrobe we selected one pair of dress pants, a pair of jeans, and two skirts.  The trick is the colors of all should be complementary.  Meaning you can wear the same items with black and gray so this is the color palette we chose.  We could have also done navy and gray, or brown and tan.

  • 5 Tops:  Keep in mind with your tops you want every top to look great with each bottom that you have chosen.  Also remember variety; both in color and pattern.  We also made sure that one top could be used alone and also as a layering piece, so we chose a cardigan sweater.

  • The final item you need is a great jacket.  Again make sure that your jacket coordinates with all pants and all tops.  We chose a classic black blazer

Now the fun really begins.  You can start mixing and matching!  Look at just some of the outfits we created. . .

Believe it or not, from these 10 tops and bottoms we are able to create 56 different outfits!  Now for the REALLY GOOD NEWS!!!!

The Math:

In our Goodwill stores in the Shenandoah, Roanoke, and New River Valleys of Virginia the cost are:

Pants/Skirts:  $3.50
Jeans:  $4
Shirts/Ladies Blazers:  $3.50

Total Wardrobe Cost:  $35.50.

That means our average cost per outfit (remember we created 56 different outfits) is only $0.63!

View all of the different outfit combinations by clicking on the Goodwill 10-Piece Wardrobe graphic below.

We were also featured on WSLS Channel 10’s Daytime Blue Ridge.  Click here to view our segment.

We hope we have inspired you to stick to your weight loss journey and to look great throughout the process.  Remember too, that as you lose weight you can donate those items you no longer need back to Goodwill.  It is a great way to get a tax deduction and help people in our communities get back to work.


7 thoughts on “The Goodwill 10-Piece Wardrobe

  1. this is a great post. i loved goodwill while i was losing weight. i found a great pair of j crew pants that i wore to work all the time. and when i lost a little more i donated them right back. more people need to know about this!

  2. This is how I started my wardobe and believe me it works!! People won’t believe you when you tell them that you got from Goodwill!! Way to go!! Add in a trench coat and that will really kick it up for you!!

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