Goodwill, Your Affordable Halloween Headquarters!

Are you still looking for that perfect Halloween costume? Well, we have Good News for you. Goodwill is your affordable Halloween Headquarters and we make sure that you will find a great costume for yourself and your children! Shop for gently used, ready to wear costumes, or use your imagination to make your own unique costume from things you find in our stores. Our vast inventory includes anything you can imagine, from clothing in every color to apparel from different decades and accessories to transform an ordinary look into a fantastic costume.

Even better news is that by getting your Halloween costume at Goodwill, you are not only purchasing high-quality, affordable items, but you are also diverting them from landfills and protect the environment. Last year, our retail and salvage operations helped protect the environment by keeping over 13.5 million pounds of materials out of area landfills. That’s why shopping at Goodwill is not only good for your budget, it’s also good for the environment. And after Halloween, stay green by donating your costume right back to Goodwill.

Click on the picture to download our costume idea book.
Click on the picture to download our costume idea book.

To help you get started on creating your very own and unique Halloween Costume, we have put together a Costume Idea Book. It includes easy and affordable costume ideas for everyone, costumes for wheelchair users, couple & group costumes, and Halloween safety tips. You can find it in any of our stores or download it here.

The old lady and the nerd are two examples of classic costumes that you can easily put together using clothes from our stores.

Old Lady: Dress in something old looking. Get gray hairspray or a wig, an old hat, and wire framed glasses. For an old lady, add hair rollers and carry a bulky black purse. For an old man, get a cane and carry a newspaper under your arm.
Nerd: Buy a set of clothes a size too small, collar shirt buttoned up, pants pulled up high, white socks, and Grandpa shoes. Add dark framed glasses with tape around the nose piece to make it look extra geeky.
Watch our fun commercials for more great costume ideas!



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