GoodGuides Presents “Resurrected Pieces”

Today’s youth live in a world full of difficult decisions and temptations.  Many struggle to stay in school and often find it hard to live the life that they envision for themselves.  Goodwill’ s  GoodGuides Youth Mentoring program is dedicated to helping youth build career plans, skills, and prepare for school completion, post-secondary training, and productive work. The program provides structured and supportive relationships with trusted adult mentors. GoodGuides serves youth ages 12-17 who are at risk of delinquency or who have already had contact with the juvenile justice system. By becoming part of the social network of adults and community members who care about the youth, the mentor can help youth develop and reach positive academic, career, and personal goals.

Today’s GoodNews results from a wonderful play that was presented by some of the GoodGuides program participants on Friday, August 9th at the Goodwill Jobs Campus on Melrose Avenue in Roanoke, VA.

A crowd of approximately 40 parents, mentors, Goodwill employees, and the community were in the audience for the performance of “Resurrected Pieces”.   The script was born out of the real life experiences of the playwright, as well as through the stories of the youth she has worked with.  A discovery of the positive influence that adults can have, if they take the time, from the time a child is born. “Resurrected Pieces” gives us a glimpse into the lives of today’s youth.  As these children grow, they prosper and also plant the positive seeds in the lives of their friends.

The performance brought forth cheers from the audience at times, and at other times tears.  In the final scene, featured in the video below, the cast performs “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin.

Nicole Page, GoodGuides Mentor Coordinator (pictured below standing on first row, far left) worked with the youth to produce the play.  Kia Taylor, Medicaid Services Case Aid (pictured below kneeling, center) was the playwright and director.

GoodGuides participants make up the cast of "Resurrected Pieces". Pictured center is playwright Kia Taylor, a Goodwill Medicaid Services Case Aid.
The cast having a little fun!

For more information on Goodwill’s GoodGuides program visit or call (540) 581.0620 option 6.


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