Calling all Brides

Last Sunday, January 16th, Goodwill participated in our first ever Bridal Show.  The 5th Annual Greater Virginia Bridal Show Roanoke was the first of three shows that we will be visiting this January, and it proved to be a great day for brides and Goodwill alike!

When future brides approached our booth, they didn’t quite know what to make of us.  “So are you florist, photographers, or caterers?” many asked.  Our answer… “No, we are Goodwill.”  We would then go on to explain that Goodwill is a great place to shop to find many of the items needed for brides to be.  Whether looking for a wedding dress, tux, bridesmaids outfit, or decor Goodwill can be a high quality, low-cost shopping alternative for your wedding.

Goodwill's Booth at the Greater Virginia Bridal Show in Roanoke

Some brides were more skeptical than others as to what they might find at Goodwill.  But all it took was one look at the dresses that were featured in Goodwill’s SECOND RUNWAY in August and they were hooked.  Brand new wedding gowns, modeled in the show were featured in beautiful gold frames in the booth.  WDBJ7 was even intrigued and featured Goodwill on its evening newscast (click here for link to story).  

Erin Hildreth models a brand new wedding gown with pink accents during SECOND RUNWAY
Mallory Nielsen looks amazing in a light pink wedding gown from Goodwill.


Pure elegance defines Tiffany Woods in this gorgeous gown from Goodwill.

Goodwill will also be at the Charlottesville Wedding Classic at Boar’s Head Inn on Sunday, January 23rd, and at the Inn at VA Tech on Sunday, January 30th for the Greater Virginia Bridal Show Blacksburg.  At each show brides will receive invitations to Goodwill Bridal Sales in February. 

So the Good News today?  You don’t have to spend a mint to have the wedding of your dreams.  Shop Goodwill and you may just find all you need to make your special day perfect.  Don’t forget, you can also donate your wedding dress, suits, formals, and more everyday to Goodwill and get a receipt to use for tax purposes.


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    • Thank you for supporting Goodwill and getting our message out to your friends! When you donate and shop, you are helping individuals and families in our community get back to work and gain greater independence!

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