It’s Gonna Be a Goodwill Night

Several years ago some of you may remember Goodwill’s major fundraiser each year was a golf tournament.  We prided ourselves in the fact that we were told over and over that it was one of the best tournaments around.  Although it was lots of fun, and a great day of golf, most of the time those who participated left knowing nothing more about Goodwill than when they came.   

Different ideas have been tossed around and today’s GOOD NEWS?   

This year’s fundraiser, we believe, will increase awareness throughout the community about all of the different ways Goodwill is helping.  

Thursday, August 12th
Shaftman Performance Hall
Jefferson Center
6pm – 9pm

SECOND RUNWAY will highlight the high quality, low cost fashions that are given a “second” life when they are sold at Goodwill stores.  But more importantly the “second” chance that people receive through Goodwill’s training and employment programs, which retail sales support.  

We recently filmed the SECOND RUNWAY commercial.  It features local models and fashions found at Goodwill stores right here in the Roanoke Valley.  


We also got some great shots of the filming of the commercial:  

Models Ginger Poole, Leonard Jones, Erin Hildreth, and Mallory Nielsen

Former morning radio show hosts David Lee Michaels and Melissa Morgan, the hosts for SECOND RUNWAY, prepare for their part in the commercial.

Leonard Carter of Carter Media works to get just the right look for the commercial.

The models walked the runway many times to get all the shot angles needed for the final spot.

The models and crew wait to see if everything is "a wrap" for the evening's shoot.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the first year of this exciting fundraiser!  Proceeds from SECOND RUNWAY will fund the training and employment programs for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages that Goodwill serves.  Last year Goodwill helped over 32,000 people in our area who needed assistance to get back to work and earn a paycheck.  

So join us on August 12th for food, drinks, a great silent auction, a shopping extravaganza with a Goodwill Boutique and fabulous local vendors.  For more information or to purchase tickets visit  It really is “Gonna Be a Goodwill Night!”  


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