Little Green Man Finally Has a Name!

Back in February we sent out a call for names for Goodwill’s Little Green Man.  We received many entries and today’s GOOD NEWS?  He finally has a name!

Please allow us to introduce you to EDGAR.

EDGAR will help our Goodwill spread the message about donating to Goodwill and how it helps the entire community.  His name was inspired by Goodwill founder Reverend Edgar J. Helms, but he has quickly taken on a life of his own. 

Our EDGAR is:

Educating that
Donations to

We believe he will inspire young, and young at heart, to recycle and keep material out of landfills.  Today “being green” is very socially conscious.  EDGAR will work to make the connection between donating to Goodwill and recycling more prevalent.  Since Goodwill’s founding in 1902 the organization has been promoting the idea of donating items you no longer need so some one else can “reuse” them.  Today you will often see us use the terms “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repurpose.”; as times have changed so has Goodwill.

When items can’t be sold in stores Goodwill looks for other ways to keep material out of landfills.  Whether it is through salvage efforts or a recycling program such as Dell RECONNECT, which allows Goodwill to recycle computers and related hardware, Goodwill tries to be the best steward of the environment that we can be.  At the same time many of these recycling and salvage efforts also provide funds to support the Goodwill mission of helping people and families in our community achieve a better life through work and independence.  Last year Goodwill kept more than 11 million pounds of material out of area landfills just throughout the 31-county service area in Virginia.

In the future you will see EDGAR becoming more prevalent in the recycling message at Goodwill.  We hope to introduce him to local school children and broaden the general idea of what is “recyclable”.  In the mean time, let us know what you think of EDGAR and how you would like to see him involved in our community!


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