Goodwill and FREE Partner for Haitian Relief Efforts

Recently the Goodwill in Miami, FL launched a nationwide effort among Goodwill organizations to assist Haitian earthquake victims. 

The GOOD NEWS?  Through a partnership with the Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment and Endowment (FREE) Goodwill Industries of the Valleys is able to support this effort.  The first Goodwill organization to send equipment to Miami, our Goodwill and FREE are sending approximately $40,000 worth of mobility related, rehabilitation equipment, including crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs.  Items are expected to ship to Miami, for distribution to Haiti, in the next week. 

Goodwill President & CEO Bruce Phipps & FREE Executive Director Sonja Schaible pictured with some of the items being prepared for shipment to Haiti.

Since 2004 Goodwill and FREE have partnered to provide mobility related, rehabilitation equipment to those with a physical need that cannot afford the device themselves.  Goodwill collects the equipment at stores and attended donation centers.  FREE then cleans, refurbishes, and distributes to those in need. 

For more information on the partnership between Goodwill and FREE visit


One thought on “Goodwill and FREE Partner for Haitian Relief Efforts

  1. The Friends of Free and the Free Board in union with GoodWill Industries, continue to exhibit tremendous effects on the helping the disable poor, get up and moving. The teaming up of our organizations is another example of the power of partnerships with the right people.

    Thank you for spearheading such a successfull effort.

    Bruce Stelmack
    Past President, FREE

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