The Spirit of Goodwill Band

At Goodwill we are the lucky ones.  We get to know the incredible people with disabilities and disadvantages that we serve.  We understand the value that someone with a disability can bring to a workplace and your life.  We see each and every day the pride, dignity, and self respect that real work provides. 

The GOOD NEWS?  Now the world is going to have the opportunity to be touched by an amazing group of people from South Florida that have formed a band.  The Spirit of Goodwill Band is featured in the new documentary “For Once In My Life”.  On the film’s website it states:

“For Once In My Life” is the story of an inspiring group of people and their dream to make music.  The documentary film follows the members of the Spirit of Goodwill Band while they prepare for the concert of a lifetime.  As they navigate daily life, these twenty-eight musicians and singers, all with a wide range of severe mental and physical disabilities, display talent,  humor and tenacity.  FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE shatters preconceived notions of what it means to be “disabled” and reveals the greatness within us all.”

Here’s what is being said about the film:

“The Goodwill Band is a triumph of the spirit, a celebration of overcoming the odds, and a chance to rock out with the happiest musicians on the planet.” – The Miami Herald

“The sounds that emanate from the band are enough to bring an audience to its feet and tears to the eyes.” – The Sun-Sentinel

We hope you enjoy!


5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Goodwill Band

  1. You all are AWESOME !!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work !! Your music was GREAT and so are all of you–so much talent !!
    Patricia in Louisiana

  2. You’re all very talented musicians. You have an amazing gift – share it with as many people as you can – keep on playing Goodwill Band members. Music is the best therapy there is.

  3. i was so impressed with each of you and your talent…also, your teacher is amazing….keep up the great work!!!!! always, rose beyer

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