Dressing For an Interview is Affordable at Goodwill

Recently we received a call from a Roanoke image consultant, Kathy Surace.  If her name sounds familiar you may have seen her “Trends” column in Valley Business FRONT, where she gives advice each month on style and fashion.  She is also owner of Peacock Image.  Visit their web site at http://www.peacockimage.com/.

Kathy’s call was in reference to a segment during the February edition of JobQuest on Blue Ridge PBS where she would give advice on dressing for an interview AND doing it affordably.  If you didn’t see the segment take a moment to watch by clicking on the link below.  You will be amazed!


Can you believe the total cost of the look at Goodwill was under $15?!?  To be exact:

  • Women’s two piece suit:  $7
  • Women’s blouse:  $3.50
  • Women’s dress shoes:  $2.50
  • Necklace:  $1
  • Total:  $14 + tax

But that isn’t all of the GOOD NEWS for today…Check out some of the other looks we found in the same Goodwill store while filming the JobQuest segment:

This beautiful women’s suit by Ann Taylor Loft has a subtle light blue windowpane pattern and great with the light blue shirt.

Ann Taylor Loft Ladies Suit - Outfit Cost: $10.50

This traditional men’s suit by Meeting Street is perfect for any interview when paired with a maroon tie and light beige shirt.

Meeting Street Men's Suit - Outfit Costs: $15.50

Another incredible find for a lady is this beautiful Harve Benard Blazer.  Pair it with a white or red sweater and your own black pants and you have the perfect look for any interview.

Ladies Harve Benard Blazer - Cost: $10

Finally, one last look for men.  This S&K suit is a great interview option as we go into spring.

Men's S&K Suit - Outfit Costs: $15.50

Tell us your GOOD NEWS.  What great finds have you found at your Goodwill store lately?


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