All About Kids!

Goodwill was a part of two wonderful events this weekend that were all about kids!  Both were great opportunities to say thank you to all of those that support Goodwill each and every day by shopping and donating.

Saturday we were a part of a wonderful event at Roanoke’s Tanglewood Mall called Tons of Fun.  An event of Roanoke County Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, this fabulous kid’s “carnival” is an annual event held the first Saturday in February.  (This year’s snowy weather pushed it back one week.)  The Goodwill table was quite a hit, as we used old ties to create an adorable stuffed snake!  Check out a video from the event:

This snake is super easy to make and when you shop at Goodwill it will cost as little as $1.00!  Imagine making these at your child’s birthday party!  GOOD NEWS…Even with a large group it is VERY affordable! (See below for directions on how to make your own stuffed snake.)

Sunday brought over 60 people to the Salem Civic Center for a Curious George Live Pre-Show Party.  Lucky winners were drawn from entries in each of Goodwill’s retail stores in the Roanoke and surrounding areas.  All of the kids got the opportunity to meet Curious George, and then enjoy the live show.  Check out video from the event:

What a wonderful weekend at Goodwill!  Thanks to everyone who came out to both Tons of Fun and Curious George!  We had so much fun with you and your kids! 

Tie Snakes

Easy, affordable, and fun craft project with the kids!
  1. Purchase old ties from Goodwill for $1.00.
  2. Staple, hot glue, or stitch the small end of the tie closed.
  3. Stuff the snake with shredded paper, plastic grocery bags, or Polly fill.
  4. Staple, hot glue, or stitch the larger end of the tie closed securing your stuffing.
  5. Cut a “snake” tongue out of red construction paper, felt, or any red scrap paper and attach at the large tip of the tie.
  6. Glue on wiggle eyes, or if you want to save even more money, use a hole punch on white paper and draw your own eyes and glue those on.
  7. Name your snake and enjoy your new friend!

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